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Featured Course: IDC3931 BIG DATA!

Instructor: Ken Armstrong

The ability to analyze the large amounts of data generated by scientific research, business transactions, Internet activity, social media communications and other sources, in order to find valuable information is one of the most highly sought-after skills in today’s data-driven economy. This introductory course addresses the issues surrounding the accumulation, transformation and analysis of large datasets typically encountered in both business and research environments. Additionally, the student will work in a classroom lab setting using cutting-edge technologies to analyze and mine data associated with their interests. This course assumes no prior coursework in databases or statistics and is ideal for students from all majors.

Design and Web Development

CGS2821 Web Design
LIS2360 Web App Development
IDC3931 Web Projects
DIG3118 Digital Graphics

Communication and Information

LIS4930 Social Media
DIG3118 Digital Graphics
COM3332 New Communication Technologies
LIS3353 Technologies for Information Systems
LIS2780 Databases
LIS4381 Mobile Apps

Professional Skills

CGS2518 Spreadsheets for Business
DIG3725 Game Design

Applied Computer Programming

COP2258 Object Oriented Programming
ISC3313 Scientific Computing
CGS4404 Advances Application Development